Penguin Panic

Penguin Panic 1.2

Penguin Panic is a platform game in which you are a cute penguin
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Penguin Panic is a platform game in which you are a nice penguin who will travel to different worlds searching for gold coins. Your objective is to reach the arrows at the end of each level to start a new one and move from world to world. You will find gold coins on your way and other ones can be hidden in blocks with question marks that you must hit with your head in order to get them. In these blocks with question marks you can also find power-ups that can help you get taller, so you can reach higher places and get more coins, and they also may contain extra lives. There are also several enemies that you must avoid or kill by jumping over their heads. All levels feature a new scenario with different enemies and obstacles to avoid. The game gets more challenging as you progress, so you should try to save your lives for later. You have three lives, but you can get more as you progress.
Unfortunately, the graphics are not very good, since they look old and the screen is very little. Sounds are also poor, as well as the music.
In short, Penguin Panic is a simple platform game that really doesn't offer anything impressive, but at least it is free and may entertain you for a while.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute characters
  • Nice scenarios
  • Free
  • Lots of levels


  • Poor graphics, sounds and music
  • The screen is very little
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